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Welcome to part of The Deal Maker Nationwide Group.



At we are very different and like to think a breath of fresh air!. We make all aspects of Buying and Selling Easy- Understandable and Reassuring for you.


We know there is nothing more uncomfortable than being in the dark about a Major Decision. We also know its not a level playing field for most of you between Dealer/ Seller and You. That's why we are here.


We operate a fully Bespoke Car Sales Service tailored to you, and have strong Family Values. We very much Value you as People not Profit opportunities. You being looked after is Paramount to our Culture, and the "Driver" behind our very excistance.


In any relationship Trust is everything without it you have nothing!. In this sometimes very Challenging area, you can be assured of our Trust at all times.


Please see examples of how we can Help you to the left, and how we can change the way you Buy or Sell your next Car with Complete Confidence.



Is it not time for a dual carriageway past Stonehenge to relieve A303 traffic?
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